And it’s Official.

We are the Women’s Whiskey League.   How did this happen?  Let’s review.

logoI love whiskey.  Everything about whiskey.  That’s mostly because I am lucky enough to work within the industry.  But I constantly hear friends and members of the media talk about the confusion surrounding the spirit.  Questions about how to drink it.  Comments about it being too strong.  I’m certainly no expert, but I know a thing or two.  Mostly about Bourbon & American Whiskey, but also about cocktails.  And what I don’t know, I can make up.  Actually, I’ll probably tap a few  experts to share their own knowledge.  It’s my one-woman mission to take the mystique out of this malty goodness.

For this, I started the Women’s Whiskey League.  A drinking club.  A collection of dram-loving dames.  Like a book club, but boozier.   We hope you’ll enjoy!
As we know, there are two kinds of women in life.  Those who appreciate the brown.  And those who don’t.  I, my friends, am of course referring to spirits.  Brown spirits.

Oh, you’re a known whiskey slinger too?     Well great, that’s why you’ve found yourself on this site.

Hmm, you’re not yet sold?      Well, this is my attempt to convert you.

Let’s weigh the advantages of being a brown spirits gal:

  • It’s badass.  Just admit it.
  • You obviously recognize that everything gets better with age.  Except our breasts.  Those get worse.  Much, much worse.
  • Nothing beats a brown spirit cocktail.  I repeat.  Nothing.  Manhattans?  Awesome.  Manhattans in Manhattan?  Even better.  Manhattans in Manhattan?  Yeah, you’re welcome.

And the advantages of being a vodka/soda gal:

  • You’re thin, but still a boozer.
Are you onboard yet? 
If you are, I’m glad you came.   In the offline world, the Women’s Whiskey League will host tastings and cocktail parties monthly.  Here, we’ll share updates on the League, plus relevant boozy news, recipes and party content.
It’s my one-woman attempt to convert the masses to my poison of choice.



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